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Ongoing Locum Tenens Assignments

Locum Anesthesia Solutions provides ongoing staffing contracts of any length desired by the facility. We currently have CRNAs committed to three, six, and twelve month contracts respectively.

Contract Per Diem Coverage

LAS can provide Contract Per Diem Coverage which allows flexibility to mimic the dynamic staffing needs of facilities with variable surgical volume. LAS works closely with the facility and practitioners to ensure coverage when needed and avoid overstaffing when volume is lower.  Contract Per Diem allows for lower overall cost to the facility when implemented with the attention to detail that LAS provides.



LAS has the experience and ability to work with facilities to not only provide staffing coverage but also to help develop a schedule that best utilizes the contracted staffing to meet the needs of the facility. 

Case Studies
At Locum Anesthesia Solutions, we’ve helped healthcare facilities across the country
with their most mission-critical staffing challenges. Below is a sample of bespoke
solutions we’ve developed for our partners.
Click here to view our case studies.
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